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Holistic Retreat

The Path of the Heart

Place: Lima & Tarapoto

Medellin Colombia

Dates: May 21 - 29 2022

9 days

Price: $1,490.00 USD

Who will accompany you in this retreat?

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Lic. Andrea Botti (Indra Cakti)


• Co-founder of VIVE VIBRA VIAJA

• Founder of Indra Cakti Holistic School

• Co-founder of Mujer Colibri

• Grand Master in Energy Therapies

• Transformational speaker and writer

• Holistic Psychology

• Natural Doctor ( N.D. . , Ontological Coach

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Jacqueline E. De Martinez


Founder of Bucket List Travel Agency Founder of Nectar of Life

Life Coach

Founder of Wonderland


Child development and Leadership

Co-Founder of Mujer Colibri


Screen Shot 2022-01-13 at 12.19_edited.jpg

Varinia Russo


• Tour group coordinator

• Founder and creator of Oruga Center

• Co-founder of Mujer Colibri

• Energy therapist

The essence of the Heart only has value when wedare to experience it

The path of the Heart is a creative process of great power, where step by step we find ourselves recognizing our true essence. The Path of the Heart is a call to join your companions of destiny, in one heart. Together we will weave the cosmic loom of Love, allowing us to transform ourselves and courageously navigate our emotional labyrinths.


The path of the Heart invites you to reveal your Almic map, to open yourself to your essential truth, new beginnings, cosmic communications and thus emerge full of Love to transform your Life.


When you are on the Path of the Heart, the worries, destructive self-criticism and value judgments that separate you from other beings disappear, allowing the energy that flows from your divine core to reach your body and repair it.


By freeing yourself from internal pain, contact with the essence becomes more tangible and you can unfold your true greatness on Earth. This means that your dreams come true more easily.

We are Mujeres Colibrí and we want to invite you to walk the Path of the heart to transform your life. So that together we weave our wings and fly free in pursuit of an extraordinary life full of magic, love and encounters. Being love what moves us towards innocence, unity, collaboration and joy. In this Magical Holistic Retreat we will be in places full of beauty, which will give us the opportunity to connect with the principle from which life emerges. Through the proposed Activities, you will display your true talents, your creations will be enriched with more energy coming from it. Allowing your connection with the heart to intensify, becoming clearer, to provide more vitality and greater creative capacity

We are love. Love is a movement that embraces different realities to inspire a positive change in experience. Just as light is information, love is creation. To know it, it is necessary to experience it in relation to other beings


Come! We invite you to create together an Almic map to travel the Path of the Heart with Magic.


¿What includes?


  • Accommodation in Hotel Antigua Miraflores | Miraflores, Lima

  • Breakfast at Hotel Antigua Miraflores

  • Transfer from the Airport to Hotel Antigua Miraflores

  • City Tour in Panoramic Bus

  • Transfer from Hotel Antigua Miraflores to the Airport to take the flight to Tarapoto

  • Includes Airplane Ticket from Lima to Tarapoto


  • Transfer from Tarapoto Airport to Chirapa Manta and Ecovillages

  • Lodging in Chirapa Manta and EcoAldeas | Tarapoto Full Board:

  • Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

  • Tours and Activities

  • Transfer from Chirapa Manta to Tarapoto Airport

Doesn't include

  • Airline ticket from your country to Lima, Peru

  • COVID test

  • Visa procedure (if your country requires it)

  • Tips where requested


  • Shamanic Meditations

  • Sacred Shamanic Dances

  • Mindfulness | PNL| Life Coaching

  • Sacred Flower Bath

  • Temazcal

  • Natural Exfoliations

  • Trekking to the Chirikyacu Native Community

  • Craft workshop with the "Warmi Awadoras" women weavers

  • Tour of the environmental education area "La Pampa de los Ninos"

  • Local tour guide. Medicinal plants, fruit trees, timber trees, flowers, traditional foods and cultural aspects of the local agricultural communities.

  • Sacred Cacao Ceremony With Connective Shamanic Dance.

  • and much more....

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