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Holistic Retreat

Sun Woman

Place: Santa Elena

Medellin Colombia

Dates: 12- 19 March 2022

7 days

Price: $1,195.00 USD

7 days

Who will accompany you in this retreat?

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Lic. Andrea Botti (Indra Cakti)

🇦🇷  Argentina

• Co-Founder of Vive Vibra Viaja.

• Creator of Indra Cakti Holistic School.

• Co-creator of Universo Mujer.

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Lic. Erika de la Mora

🇲🇽 Mexico

Creator of Mommy Goddess Blessingway.

• Creator of A Coffee with Consciousness.

• Co-creator of Universo Mujer

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Varinia Russo

 🇺🇸 United States

• Founder of Caterpillar Center.

• Coordinator of tourist groups.

• Energy Therapist

An encounter with your SOLAR Healer

A woman who becomes aware of her power, and the creative energies that this entails, learns to perceive a level of life that goes beyond what is visible, resuming her participation in the mystical circle of life, birth and death, and feel the divinity within the Earth and herself. From this magical and simple knowledge, women relate not only to the visible and earthly, but also to the invisible and spiritual aspects of their existence.


The proposal of a Journey for Women aims to awaken and revive an ancient knowledge in Women: The Solar Healer is our Absolute, our undeniable power of the Wild, a power that has been numbed by domestication by ancestral heritage and the dominant culture.  


We may have forgotten our true name as Wild Women, our kinship with Grandmother Sun and Mother Earth. But we are being called again, Yes!!!! We are being called by that unstoppable force of creation innate in us.  


The Solar Healer is knocking on the Door and this time, together as a community, we will open it…..

This meeting will be a journey of 20 Women who reaffirmed their matrilineal Wild state, reaffirmed their relationship with Nature, awakened the Solar Healer, awakening the power of Vision, Knowledge, turning them into visionaries, an Oracle, inspiring, intuitive, doers, creative inventors, listeners for themselves and for their community.


Come and join this powerful awakening of your intrinsic essence! On this journey, we will share all our creative skills as a community.  


You will be completely connected with the Alchemy of your body and its great healing power through Activities such as:

  • Fire ceremony opening for purification 

  • shamanic meditations 

  • Connective Sacred Dances

  • Celtic Shamanism Rituals

  • kundalini-yoga

  • 13th Munay Ki Ritual

  • Work with the creation of the Feminine Oracle itself

  • Mudra for Healing, Chanting of Mantras

  • Energetic works for the internal healing of emotions

  • Recreational walks through the farms and city of Medellin

  • Forest bath and meditation with campfire

  • Fire Ceremony and Celtic Music

  • retoadventures 

  • and much more......




This Transformer meeting will be held at: 

st. Helen  (Medellin Colombia

from March 12 to 19, 2022

We will stay in the Montevivo nature reserve, where we can immerse ourselves in Nature and carry out all the Activities in a healing, transforming and transmuting environment.  

The proposal is to create a beautiful tribe of 20 women who will share their experiences day by day. 

We propose you to live a unique and loving experience of Sharing, that is why they will stay in cabins of 9 women each. This will allow them to get to know each other and create strong bonds, so that at the end of the journey they will vibrate in one heart. 

If you want to know more about the Montevivo Nature Reserve, click  Here

What includes?

When paying for the Solar Woman Holistic Retreat package you will get:

All Activities Mentioned 

Full accommodation in a shared cabin, surrounded by Nature

Breakfast, Lunch, snack, Dinner and Snacks

(Vegetarian mode for those who request it) 

Transfers to and from Medellin Airport

Medical insurance granted by Montevivo (while you stay there)

1 massage session (25 minutes)







Book I Buy the Holistic Retreat Here ​​




Turistika Travel is our Trusted Travel Agency that will assist you in the Reservation and Purchase of the Solar Woman Holistic Retreat. 

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