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Oruga Center, where you can
listen to your heart

Acerca de mí
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I'm Varinia Russo, founder of the Oruga Center and teacher in energy therapies. My vocation is to be the beacon that helps you remember that we are a divine spark. My passion is to establish relationships and tools that allow us to grow and enrich ourselves by seeing things from a new point of view through travel.

Oruga Center's mission is to offer trips where you will learn way to understand more about yourself and discover other cultures, thus helping break barriers and unite us more as beings of light that we are.


The goal of Oruga Center is to offer different corners of the world where our clients can experience their next meeting of their Divine Self, accompanied by the magic of traveling around the world.

Certificacions: Singing Bowl Sound Healer, Laughter Yoga Leader


Healing method of Japanese origin that is based on the belief of a universal energy transmitted by the therapist through their hands to the patient's body to alleviate or cure ailments and diseases.

Reconnecting with the self

It is a spiritual energy healing technique that was given to me by my Angels in conjunction with Reiki methods.

Guided Meditation

Technique that allows us through words and images to put aside negative emotions such as pain, stress and the worries of everyday life, helping us to connect with our inner self.

Traveling with a purpose

These types of trips have the purpose of exploring new places in the same way we explore ourselves.


Sound Bowls Healing

A sound bath with the bowls is a form of sound healing, bringing us into a meditative state and helping the body to heal.



Technique to help recover the balance and functionality of the body, through personalized techniques to improve people's health and physical well-being.





Destination: Morocco

Dates: October 7 - 15, 2024

Min. group: 5 women

Max group: 8 women

Clients' testimonies

Image by Conscious Design

Priscila Rodríguez 

I was some what skepitical about what reiki could do for me but after a few stressful weeks I decided to give it a shot. During the session I was surprised to realize you could feel what was being done. At the end of the session I was feeling more relaxed then I had in weeks. Varinia's session was the breath of fresh air I needed.

Image by Jared Rice

Cecilia Pye

He trabajado diferentes cosas con Varinia y he tenido varias sesiones de Reiki y solo puedo decir que es excelente… ella es dedicada paciente y siempre tiene la mejor solución con el mejor resultado. Es persona muy comprometida a ayudar y cada sesion con ella ha sido como ir a visitar a una amiga, terapeuta y psicóloga.  Cuando tengo una duda o necesito consejo se que cuento con ella y siempre salgo mucho mejor y con los dias voy sintiéndome cada vez mejor. Recomendada 100%

Image by Magic Bowls

Victoria Smith

I recently joined Varinia's Laugher Yoga sessions, an incredibly fun experience that helped me to reconnect with myself as well as having a funny time with a group of people.


Varinia is a great Yoga Leader, that teaches every technique in a clear and concise way, making the whole group part of the same spiritual journey.


Holistic School

Indra Cakti

Instructor: Indra Cakti

Andrea Botti

Online courses

Available only in Spanish

Thousands of students around the planet creating light realities for each of us.

Only KNOWLEDGE will make you totally Free, and only through it will you be able to choose wisely. Knowledge is a path of liberation, because it frees you from the chains of time, from repetitive and vicious habits, from limiting beliefs, from conditioned senses; but even more KNOWLEDGE FREES YOU FROM YOURSELF - Indra Cakti (Andrea Botti) 

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